Identity Management

Trenchant Consulting provides design and deployment services for all aspects of identity management:
  • Directory Services - LDAP-based storage of directory information for fast, distributed, highly-available information access
  • Federated Single Sign On -- SSO between organizations or between organizations and consumers
  • Identity Management - the full life-cycle management of an entity's identity in an organization
  • Access Management - the authentication and authorization of an entity when attempting to access an organizations resources
  • Identity Governance -  the determination, control, and auditing of how identity related information is used, stored, and propagated within an organization
The technologies used to implement identity management include the products from Oracle/Sun's identity management and directory services suites as well as the ForgeRock, UnboundID, Ping Identity, and SailPoint product sets.
Our consultants have served in the following capacities in recent engagements:
  • Design and deployment of OpenDJ multi-master, replicated directory services at a Wall Street bank supporting their client/e-business web services
  • Design and deployment of Ping Identity's PingFederate product at a Wall Street bank providing federated SSO with over 100 partner organizations.
  • Ping Identity PingFederate upgrade at a major cosmetics and personal care company
  • Design and deployment of Ping Identity PingFederate for a healthcare organization supporting dozens of partners
  • Access management consultant upgrading access management services for an international airline's mail, calendar, portal, and third-party web-based services.
  • Directory and Access management architect for a major private university designing and deploying a directory and access management platform for the university's web and windows-based services.
  • Directory/Meta-directory consultant for a direct broadcast satellite provider upgrading and remediating problems in their meta-directory/directory services.
  • Directory/Meta-directory consultant for a major energy company designing and deploying directory and meta-directory services.
  • Directory architect for a major medical systems manufacturer auditing their existing environment and developing a target environment and plan to achieve their security, availability, reliability and growth needs.
  • Directory consultant for a major health insurer, upgrading and remediating problems with their existing directory services.
  • Directory consultant performing performance tuning for winning directory server benchmark in competitive bid.
  • Directory architect providing design and proof of concept for a unified directory service for a major oilfield services company.